Travelblog #w2s 4

The third and final day of Web 2.0 went a little something like this:

After sponsor workshops first thing (I was at the RIM one), the first plenary session saw a discussion about education, trailed with a clip from Davis Guggenheim's recent film on the topic 'Waiting for Superman'. After the culture shock of the gulf between rich and poor in the US (amplified further by continued appeals during the event to donate to a food donation charity), some interesting discussion about how tech had the opportunity to challenge some of the assumed wisdoms of our current models for teaching and learning.

A series of short presentations (main take away… I'm probably too old to get Daily Booth), and then a conversation with the FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski. I don't follow the politics of the FCC as closely as maybe I should, but it does appear to have a weirdly evolved set of regulatory powers these days…

Jeff Weiner from LinkedIn came across well, although a day on and all I can remember a day on is that hiring is their biggest, and biggest growing revenue stream. That of itself, though, shows the potentially powerful position that the service finds itself in (it's where I found my current position). In a works where even the full-time employees regard themselves as freelance they provide a powerful network platform.

The final engaging speaker for me (and the final speaker of the event) was Ev Williams of Twitter. A very dry sense of humour, no real opinion of the recent Twitter joke trial, and no real clear revenue model (still)… But having a Twitter back channel made this whole event a hugely more interactive experience for me. There's something in those 140 characters…)

So, that was that. Some interesting conversations, some interesting new contacts, I survived the jet lag, and enjoyed San Fran and Web 2.0 thoroughly.

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