The second of my coffee companions today helps organisations become more (little ‘a’) agile.

We talked about:

  • how the Elizabeth Line’s changing of my mental model of London resulted in me being quite early
  • the way in which new technologies often get introduced in remarkably sub-optimal ways and how it takes time for the world to catch up to them
  • diesel steam engines
  • how there are so many cognitive biases that it’s hard to know where to start
  • the power of metaphors in explaining difficult concepts
  • the danger of bad metaphors extending confusion
  • flywheels, and how they might make transformational change harder
  • partial metamorphosis (like a grasshopper) and total metamorphosis (like a butterfly) and how that maps to incremental continual improvement and fundamental transformation
  • if organisations can transform without an existential threat?
  • The Cynefin Framework
  • Clocks and clouds

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Lies, lies and more lies…

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