Today’s coffee companion works with his clients to use behavioural science to improve risk and compliance management.

We talked about:

  • being a business at a size where running through procurement and proposal processes simply isn’t viable.
  • the madness of big corporations.
  • how problems with process are often symbolic of deeper issues.
  • my theory of how you could tell what you needed to know about an organisation’s culture from its reception area.
  • how maybe a company’s corporate website might now serve the same function.
  • how public and private sectors are as good or as bad as each other.
  • socio-technical thinking (and this article)
  • the frailty of RAG reporting (and how more things should be grey)
  • the delights of playing cards
  • how this is the time for play.

I’m still looking for more coffee companions – sign up here.

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