Yesterday’s first coffee companion runs a business involved in managing waste more effectively.

We talked about:

  • the importance of finding space to meet with people without agenda
  • the process of “divorcing” from a business partner
  • shifting from being a software business to a professional services business
  • the pressure of tech investment (and how the business becomes the product)
  • Dan Lyon’s book Disrupted
  • potential connections in the world of sustainability

Yesterday’s second coffee companion is a photographer, magician and comic.

We talked about:

  • the mutual friend who introduced us (all in a nice way)
  • the nature of magic tricks (and the disappointment common when finding out how they actually work)
  • how much traditional card tricks rely on the standard 52-card deck
  • how when I was very young one of our neighbours’ daughters was a magician’s assistant. I remember going to see her perform and being distraught when the magician attempted to saw her in half.
  • producing things, and printing things
  • making creativity relevant to corporate organisations
  • whether indexing things makes people think some things are better than others
  • how many card games aren’t about the highest score, but collecting sets

There are many more opportunities for a #100Coffees coffee in 2023. Sign up for one here.

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