This week I have learned:

  • my tendency towards systems thinking can get annoying. When I see a client with challenges in developing software, I can’t help but think that that represents a symptom rather than a problem per see.
  • the little Brown Bag experiment has been fun. Three fascinating conversations with three great people running super businesses. I’ll be soliciting feedback from colleagues next week, but you can catch up on the chat with Tom Geraghty here:
  • the cards have shipped from Italy. I’ll be sending out a lot of packages next week. You can get a free digital download when you buy the cards this weekend to celebrate. Just use the offer code LEAVINGONAJETPLANE
  • talking of which, I’m going to meet with a magician soon to talk about how that might give me another angle on how to use the cards
  • I’m dusting off the Podcast Powered Projects concept again, this time to try to develop a better sort of technology company marketing. More on that after the Easter break.

Next week: juggling work and parenting

The week in photos:

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