This week I have learned:

  • the wonderful opportunities you get from spending time with people who are newer into their careers than you and so with very different perspectives. The EvolvE programme at EE is a really interesting initiative and I spent a bunch of time with some of the current cohort this week in Manchester.
  • that there are some strange underpinnings to the US company Better Help trying to “do an Uber” on the UK therapy market. The ethics of tech start-ups and healthcare are not necessarily a happy combination.
  • taking a Zoom call in Paddington Station to the occasional backdrop of a million wheelie suitcases trundling past is disconcerting. Doing so whilst you also have actor Phil Daniels walking a small dog right in front of you is beyond disconcerting. It’s lucky my colleague at the other end of the call didn’t get me breaking out into a chorus of Parklife.
  • spending time with colleagues in person with time devoted to spending time with colleagues in person is the best sort of in-person time. Getting everyone together to sit on Teams calls is less attractive.
  • I’m realising I’m feeling more connected to my employer than I have done in many, many years.
  • Stickers? Check! Badges? Check! Packaging? Check! Just waiting for the cards to arrive and we are done. A handful still available at the special pre-order price at
  • I was mildly disappointed that my train journey back from Manchester yesterday was far from the Herculean effort I was expecting. There was merely some snow in the Midlands.
  • An off-the-cuff comment might have created a new feature on WB-40. More to be revealed soon…

Next week: London connections

The week in photos:

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