Today’s coffee companion designs streets.

We talked about:

  • East London and the vibrancy of Hackney
  • West London and the verdancy of Bushy Park
  • how Excel is the original low code/no code platform and should be respected as such
  • how most people use it as a database
  • how its surprising that no one has been able to build something that gives agency that would do it better than Excel
  • the horrors of a young child taking up the whole bed
  • how much we’ll miss those horrors (or are missing them already)
  • the big step from primary to secondary school
  • the importance of tactility in helping him do in-depth research into the design of streets
  • how Excel could be used to allow quant-focused people to easily surface qual-type data through the numbers
  • Microsoft Soundscape

You can find out more about #100Coffees, and even sign up yourself, here.

Talking of Excel…

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