Yesterday’s coffee companion is a former colleague from my time at Microsoft.

If you haven’t heard already, my time at Microsoft wasn’t my finest hour. It was lovely to be contacted by someone from those days.

We talked about:

– the opportunities for global travel that working for a big corporation can give you.

– how much Microsoft has changed since the days of Balmer and Turner

– the weirdness of Middle Eastern modern mega-cities

– the allure of not having to spend time in specific offices, and the anonymity of working from home.

– the wonders of being an auntie.

– how there are life paths that aren’t youth then work then parenthood then post-parenthood in a set place.

– the madness of MGX and the delights of a day spent in the Colorado mountains.

– how so many people have ended up at Amazon.

It was a pleasure to catch up. And accidentally now I’ve covered another continent.

You can find out more about #100Coffees, and even sign up yourself, here.

Another set of stats, another continent…

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