This week I have learned:

  • it’s really stressful sending something off to print. I had to do a bit of last-minute tweaking on the PlayCards box, and Illustrator is far from intuitive. Thankfully the people at Ludocards were great and sent me photos and video of pre-print copies so that I could get the packaging right.
  • taking delivery of a physical product that’s been evolving for the last six or seven years was weird. I was actually a bit scared of opening it. It all turned out alright in the end though…
  • the week felt dangerously overloaded last weekend. I had to take some things out to make it manageable. A couple of #100Coffees meetings got rescheduled. A day of facilitation for a colleague had to bite the dust too. What remained was the kick-off of a new project for a new client with a new, globally distributed team.
  • we’ve got pretty used to geographic fragmentation over the past few years. But temporal fragmentation is a bit of a harder one. Four time zones to consider in the new team. It’s amazing how many assumptions we make. Viva asynchronous!
  • this week also saw the first Brown Bag session. It seemed to work – you should be able to judge for yourself next week when the video is published.
  • next week should be a bit calmer…

Next week: Calmer (hopefully)

The week in photos:

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