My coffee companion today joined me via Zoom from the city of Quebec.

We talked about the cultural significance of language, and how it identifies communities.

We talked about the strange origins of Quebec Sign Language, the product of single-sex religious education.

We talked about how many ridiculously diverse dialects exist in the UK, often within mere miles of one another.

We talked about strange text messages in Jordanian L33T Speak.

We talked about the challenges of change, and the necessity for leadership from the top.

We talked about how the skills required to navigate one’s way to the top of a large organisation might be the very opposite of those skills required to actually lead change.

We talked about communities that have sprung up since Covid.

We talked about the occasional need to do things because everyone else is doing them.

We talked about the madness of feedback, and the importance of friction in processes.

I wondered if it would be possible through this exercise to speak to at least one person in every continent (if you know anyone in South America or Antarctica who might be up for a virtual coffee, do let me know!).

You can find out more about #100Coffees, and even sign up yourself, here.

What’s stats gotta do with it?

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