This week I have learned:

  • sometimes serendipity comes calling. There is a chance I could get to some some work with someone I want to work with, in a place that I want to visit, in a way that helps a whole bunch of my colleagues. It’s a reasonably good chance. Finger’s crossed.
  • The #100Coffees thing is teaching me lots. I love the feeling of not knowing where a conversation might head.
  • Finding out that I was quoted in John Sills’ new book was a wonderful thing. It’s so nice that a peer I respect would think I’m worthy of citation.
  • I was also asked if I could be a referee for a former colleague’s attempts to get even better levels of education. That was also a lovely feeling.
  • Getting all of the ducks into a row before heading off for a short break is a useful discipline.
  • The big new Google building in Kings Cross is a massive white elephant, a strange shrine to the world of pre-Covid.

Next week: Barcelona

The week in photos:

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