This week I have learned:

  • not to underestimate the “mourning” stage of Tuckman’s model. Bringing a team together, helping to allow it to form and norm, and then seeing it blossom is great. But especially in the consulting world you then need to say goodbye, often sooner than might have been expected.
  • that it still tickles me that Tuckman’s first names were “Bruce Wayne”.
  • exploring Workrooms in VR with Max TB was very, very interesting. Whilst the Quest 2 isn’t “the future”, it might well give us some pointers to a future.
  • the killer apps for VR will surely involve three dimensions. It’s interesting that that is somewhat underplayed in the Workrooms simulation of the real world. It’s all about flat screens not 3d objects.
  • the killer app for VR might also be workshops. Breakout sessions in Zoom and Teams are very underwhelming experiences. But the breakout desks room in Workrooms is very interesting.
  • being a tourist once in a while in your own city is a good thing to do.
  • Tom Geraghty’s Psychological Safety toolkit is very, very good.
  • I’m very excited about the WB-40 posse meeting up in London this evening. I’ve even made badges.
  • I’m also very excited that the PlayCards are now in the final stages of production.

Next week: psych safety, relationship building and the celebration of many birthdays

The week in photos:

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