This week I have learned:

  • the fun of a new platform. Whilst I’m not bailing yet, it’s been a joy to explore Mastodon as initially a Twitter lifeboat, but actually as just a new community. Like visiting a new pub, basically.
  • the inevitability of birthday disappointment. My 50th was marred by the lockdown, and it looks like my plans for my 52nd are going to be scuppered by another rail strike. Do I blame ASLEF? No, I blame our dreadful government.
  • the potential of the virtual world. I’ve been experimenting with a Meta Quest 2 headset, having got lenses for it. Google Earth is a place where you could spend days. The games are a diversion. Workrooms are interesting but not quite right. And after 30 minutes it takes me an age to stop feeling a bit wobbly. But yes, it’s utter immersive and the progress since the HTC Vive I used back in 2016 is seriously impressive.
  • a curiosity about Psychological Safety. It’s something I’ve been aware of for some years, and I hope an intuitive part of my own ways of working. But helping others to see both the need and the practical application is fascinating.
  • ditto for networking and relationship building. I’m an introvert that tries hard. There are still so many people that I meet that think it’s someone else’s job. Without relationships we are nothing.
  • it is utterly irrational, but Vicarage Road is the place where I feel at home.
  • We now have a fully-fledged teenager in the house.
  • that maybe I should leave it until gone midnight to write my weeknotes.

Next week: the WB-40 gathering. I cannot wait.

The week in photos:

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