This week I have learned:

  • certain Tory peers can only be described in the sort of language that Channel 4 news presenters use off-air.
  • that you can get involved in open source even if you don’t code. I had a fascinating day at the OpenUK Thought Leadership event on Monday, which is my stand-out memory.
  • politics is tiresome. It shouldn’t be. It should be engaging.
  • I had a wonderful catch-up with Andy Beale. My relationship with Andy is testimony to why you should always try to keep in touch with people even if at one point they didn’t give you a job!
  • the work never comes logically. The most promising of clients go nowhere. The least promising become the most important. And all stops in between.
  • Papier mache is the most intriguing of media. You can take your 3D printing quite frankly.
  • I have discovered the concept of Fika. Coffee and cakes, but not necessarily with coffee or cake. Ever so important when you are working remotely.

Next week: a trip to Herefordshire

The week in photos:

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