This week I have learned:

  • I’m getting increasingly curious about how the worlds of user-centred design and data can become more self-supporting. As we move from data as the stuff in systems to data as a thing in itself, how can we design that data and move away from the ivory towers of ER modelling? Came across this series of articles on the topic…
  • It’s good to catch up with people on the periphery. You can get all sorts of insight from them about things to which they work adjacently.
  • Sometimes you are sent enormous signals about things you should or shouldn’t do. Whether you choose to acknowledge and act upon those signals or not is another matter.
  • It’s all about finding the hook. How you get back in touch with people where there is a mutual benefit, not just a void or a fear of being sold to.
  • I’m so tired of “exciting” politics. Please can we go back to when politics was dull and uninteresting and purely functional? The reality is, of course, that that time is a long way in the future. I hope I get boring politics again in my lifetime, though.
  • Another thing I have been thinking about is the difference between networks and communities. If you think as networks as being personal things – my network, your network, how they might intersect, and communities as communal (obviously) things, shared in ownership. How do you work differently with the two? Is one more valuable inherently than the other?

Next week: reflection

The week in photos:

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