This week I have learned:

  • saying goodbye is hard. Especially when one has been part of a team that has become as strong and as open and as trusting as the Technology & Transformation team at RHP. I will miss them all, but the time is right for a change for me and for them.
  • being able to pass things on with pride is a really nice feeling. Being also able to influence what happens next is a sign that I made a real impact.
  • making an impact, in a positive way, is what drives me. The Stamp idea is still strong, even if I’ve retired the brand for a bit.
  • I have learned loads in the last few years.
  • I adore the Chiltern Hills. A stroll out around Amersham and Little Missenden at the weekend was wonderful.
  • it’s now time for a brief pause before the new adventure starts at Equal Experts in June.

Next week: a break

The week in photos:

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