This week I have learned:

  • Assumptions based on thin evidence are easy to make and potentially fatal. Whether it’s assuming experience because of the role that someone is in, or lacking context that explains otherwise inexplicable behaviours, we do it all of the time. Generalising is how we make sense of the world. Yet it’s so open to failure.
  • That a week in which I spent time with some of my new colleagues has left my brain absolutely fizzing with possibilities. Top of the list: what would an OD proposition look like for CIOs and CTOs? And what would an advisory proposition look like for senior technologists look like if it were truly about raising competence and capability rather than the Big G model of fostering dependence?
  • Also: alongside getting my head around a totally flat organisation, looks like I’m also going to have to get my head around different models of organisational ownership. Yay!
  • I’m now a Mac user. I’m bracing myself for the period of time where the muscle memory of Windows use (which will also continue) will clash against the subtle and not-so-subtle differences in the UI. I managed it with iOS and Android, I will manage it with MacOS. The ability to extend the laptop screen onto the iPad is pretty cool.
  • That reflecting on the last 2 1/2 years has led to this fairly simple model for what it all means…
  • (which may or may not make sense, but it does to me…)
  • for the past couple of months, we’ve not been podcasting so often, and I miss it. I miss chatting with Chris, I miss meeting new people. I miss the sense of creating something.
  • I don’t really enjoy gardening, but if you leave the weeds for long enough, then when you eventually get around to blitzing it all, you end up with a much bigger difference in how things look, and it looks much better, even if ultimately it’s a crappy garden full of weeds. There’s a metaphor for business change in their somewhere.

Next week: the final countdown (duh duh durrr durr etc)

The week in photos:

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