This week I have learned:

  • that I do think I’ve cracked the bread baking. Who knew ice cubes were the answer?
  • that I had a surprising prior knowledge of most of the key moments in the early days of drum and bass (courtesy of Renegade Snares)
  • that in person events set against a largely online calendar cause interesting jarring effect
  • that we might need to lead a change inititiave to create a culture that can support a change initiative
  • it’s nice to see Ray back
  • I am looking forward to the day when a team on The Apprentice says “We’re laser-focused and straight to the point, so we are calling our team No Bends”
  • “Data-driven” isn’t the same as “rational decision-driven” and the two aren’t one of the same
  • It’s a long way to A&E in rural Suffolk
  • inter-organisational Teams use for file sharing is utter crap
  • that the current government appears to want to bore us into submission.

Next week: decision making

The week in photos:

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