This week I have learned:

  • I think it is possible to have a “good” funeral. Or a “nice” one. Even though the underlying reasons are a bit crap. Take care, Aunty Jenny xx
  • I don’t think I could have possibly predicted quite how crap the eventual leaving of the EU looks like being. And I thought it was going to be complete crap.
  • Just getting out and having a walk and a chat makes a huge difference.
  • The undisputed best video game ever (as selected in the Kebab and Ventilator World Cup of Video Games) is Sensible World of Soccer.
  • It’s all basically about making sure that you put control of the change in the hands of the people who need to change.
  • Cutting the numbers a different way totally changes perceptions.

Next week: Thinking Time

The week in photos:

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