After the turmoil of 2004, 2005 quiet frankly got weirder. I started the new job working in management training and as a result found myself commuting great distances to stand up in front of groups of complete strangers to talk about things that I may or may not have had any particular knowledge.

Was this a sensible thing for someone whose personal life was in great upheaval? Who knows. But it was what I did. And I’m so glad that I got the opportunity to do it – it taught me a huge amount about presenting, facilitating, listening, asking questions and being able to quickly get the measure and trust of a group of people. From training BT engineering managers in how to be leaders at the training rooms we had looking over the North Terminal at Gatwick, to the delights of the former school buildings used by the Scottish Borders Council to train folk in project management skills and working with Coastguards looking over the English Channel in Christchurch, it was an amazing time.

With all that time in the car (as much of it was), there was plenty of time to listen to music. Sigur Ros’ Takk is still totally spellbinding. Whilst Hoppipolla might have gained Moby-esque levels of ubiquity through adverts and TV backing music, it all still stands up. Beautiful, beautiful music.

I had the privilege of seeing them at the Hammersmith Apollo, and even more incredible was their ability to recreate this amazing sound live.

You can see the #51for50 project to date here:

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