This week I have learned:

  • #CoffeeRorschach is probably the silliest thing I’ve done in a while, but it gives me great amusement.
  • That multiple video thing in Zoom. Can’t work out if it’s useful or just a pleasing gimmick.
  • This “event” is giving an opportunity to examine sacred cows.
  • It’s very easy to slip into not doing any exercise. That’s a worry.
  • Another three weeks of this seems like a long time. It’s unlikely to be just three weeks.
  • Many people’s diaries are getting maxed out. We need to think about changing how we work when remote in ways that don’t just try to ape the office.
  • Last week’s camping expedition (in the garden) was a good diversion. Not sure anyone else in the family is willing to try it again though. Lightweights.
  • The temptation to online shop is strong. Especially for digitally-distributed items.
  • DJ Dentrassangle is rumoured to be plotting a Resurrection.
  • It’s 31 years since Flying Toasters were a thing.

Next week:

What does a plan B look like?

The week in photos:

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