This used to be a really big thing, but the environmental agenda for greener IT seems to have dropped down the list for many in recent years. Indeed, every organisation that talks about doing things with Blockchain is taking the environmental technology stance of someone who buys a Porsche SUV.

Cloud, however, is a really big thing when it comes to running IT efficiently. To counter issues of cost, internet-scale hosting centres are incredibly efficient, both in terms of their power consumption and in terms of their operating utilisation (the two things are, of course, intrinsically intertwined).

The Green IT agenda may be a little down the list these days, but it doesn’t mean that that will be the case forever. As we’ve seen in the last few years, specific environmental issues like plastic bags or straws can suddenly gain a lot of column inches. What would the average organisations response be if it were IT that were suddenly the focus of political green issues?


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