At this stage in the proceedings it’s worth reminding ourselves of the point of all of these cards. They represent a cross section of the sort of things that might be on the plate of a CIO in 2018. It’s not exhaustive. It’s also not a coherent set – some of the cards are mutually incompatible, and not every CIO will have every one of these priorities at the moment. The games you can play with them as a result are many and varied.

Some of the priorities are really high level. A few of them are quite down in the weeds, and monitoring the performance of social network marketing is very much in that category. It also represents how the modern digital world of the web and social and whatever can now increasingly be setting the agenda for the tools and systems that are required in the back office to support sensible business use.

The world of Marketing Technology has expanded rapidly in the past ten years, and the landscape is becoming ever more confused with a few big players (Adobe, Salesforce in particular) and thousands of bit players who it appears mostly have the goal of being bought up by a big player like Adobe or Salesforce. It’s also fair to say that the Marketing Department can also be something of a soft target for purveyors of silver bullets, snake oil and rainbow unicorn poop. As such, the CIO must often find a path between guide, consultant and enforcer of standards. That can be a narrow and slippery route to traverse.


I’ve recently launched Stamp London’s first physical product – a set of playing cards called CIO Priorities. You can find out more about them here, and order a set for yourself here (or simply download the PDF and print them out).

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