This week I have learned:

  • I really ought to have paid more attention to my DNS settings. Oh well, lesson learned.
  • 525GB of SSD costs just £125. Laptop duly upgraded. I always feel happier with hardware I can take the lid off and, more importantly, successfully put back on, I guess in a similar way that my Dad does with cars. Or, indeed, computers.
  • Part of the challenge of introducing new technology into an organisation is the established folklore that exists about how to use IT. If people need help the first port of call is usually peers. If peers tell them things that are plain wrong, you’ve got a problem…
  • Formal procurement exercises are a massive amount of energy. Has anyone ever shown that they actually work? I try to limit the number I do each year if I possibly can.
  • Spending time working in various parts of London does make me realise that Westminster is a very odd neck of the woods. But apparently there’s going to be a Gregg’s opening up at Westminster tube. Power to the people, or something.
  • Another year, another avoiding of setting any New Year’s resolutions. I am going to re-write my website soon, though. I’m dropping any pretence of Stamp being anything other than my personal mission statement. Singular pronouns from now on.

A successful first week of the year, all in all.

Next week: User Groups, Amsterdam and a networking dinner with the undisputed queen of London networking.

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