If this book is to be a travelogue, then the people I’m going to talk to are a series of destinations. Here’s what the map looks like…

The improvisers

David Schneider – the comedian, writer, director and social media agency founder

Neil Mullarkey – one of the founders of the Comedy Store Players

Phelim McDermott – founder of an improvisational theatre production company (interview done)

Ali – an old school friend who is a fine artist who has recently been using improvisation (interview to arrange – Ali’s agreed to do it)

The creatives

Dean – a futurology-type bod who spends a great deal of his time living in virtual world (I’ve mentioned it to him)

Dave – multi-skilled, multi-talented creative

Somebody hopefully at Aardman Animation – I have an in, just yet to track it down

The play professionals

Jon – marketing industry chap who does lots of play (agreed to do it – need to arrange)

PT – someone who runs play workshops for a living (agreed to do it – need to arrange)

Emma – ball of energy who works with both kids and adults (agreed to do it – need to arrange)

The sober suited

James – head of innovation for a big engineering company (seeing next week)

Nick – and old school friend and now teacher (agreed to do it – need to arrange)

David – head of innovation at a big power company (agreed to do it – need to arrange)

The processors

David – head of innovation for a law firm (interview completed)

and then I have a few gaps… Any suggestions for people who use rigorous process to innovate much appreciated… Although thinking about it I know someone at http://www.hypeinnovation.com/ which might be a good place to start.

The Nordics

OK – here’s the detective story part of the book. I want to speak to someone from Lego about their general view of play, and someone from IKEA – particularly about how they design their products to fulfil multiple purposes

I have a contact at Lego, but haven’t been able to progress that one at all. There’s a chance I might be able to get in touch through their new Professorship.

As for IKEA… I know someone who used to work there who I can try….

So any suggestions on any of the above, but particularly the last two, most appreciated.

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