OK. So I want to tell you a story (as it used to go…)

Here’s what I think the new structure of the book should look like.

An Introduction. A chance to introduce myself and the ideas that have influenced the creation of this thing. I’m not sure, but it probably still looks the introduction I have already written. You can find that here.

And then a series of explorations of particular groups of people with whom I will speak

1. The improvisers

I’ve already got three interviews in the bag here already. My most developed section. A comedian who runs a social media agency, a comedian who teaches improv to business people, and a theatre producer who creates improvised works (interview done, but still to write up). There is also a former school class mate of mine who is a fine artist who has recently done some abstract collaborative painting.

2. The creatives

I’ve a good network of people who work in the creative industries, from film to publishing to television. How do they go about creating work? Is it the IKEA mode, or tinkering?

3. The play professionals

People who make a living out of helping people to play. I’ve a few interviews lined up here.

4. The sober suits

People who are tinkering in unexpected “suited” places. I’ve interviewed the head of innovation of a law firm. I’ve also lined up the head of innovation for an energy company.

5. The rigorous followers of process

People and organisations who demonstrate creative and innovative output with “IKEA mode” approaches.

6. The Nordics

In the metaphor for play I have two significant Nordic companies mentioned – IKEA and Lego. Can I get to speak with either of these notoriously secretive organisations. That might be an interest “chase” to thread throughout the narrative. I’ve spoken to someone at Lego already and got precisely nowhere.

And then finish it up with conclusions of what I have learned from the journey.

That feels much more interesting to me. As useful to an audience? Well, depends. This looks to me like something someone might read cover-to-cover. And I want to write something that people will willingly read, not just skim.

So next up – I need to get a bit more structure in each of those sections – and also ask if (if you are reading this) you let me know what you think!

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