So alongside the great dread of failure or being found out there is another worry that I have from the work that I have done so far. There are a number of people who currently operate in the world of play (with adults in workplace environments) and who, from my vantage point here, take quite a childlike approach to it all.

I don’t mean that in a pejorative way – more that they try to get adults to think and act like kids. And that approach to my culturally repressed British mindset makes me feel a bit icky. I see value in getting people to be more playful. That’s not the same as getting people of a certain age pretending to be younger than they are.

And the thing that worries me about all of this is that I know I need to go into exploring these approaches with an open mind, and I know that I don’t have that open mind. And does that mean that I’m living a lie – not able to really engage with the agenda I seem to espouse?

There is probably only one way to find out.

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