Being judged. That’s something that’s holding me back in this project. What if I were to do all the work, put my heart and soul into it, get something out there (and something far more fixed and permanent than my usual ephemeral ramblings) and then people didn’t like it?

Even worse, what if it just drove a wall of indifference?

(As an aside, I on a couple of occasions have had articles here given a “star” rating of 3/5. Average. Neither good nor bad. It must be the most passive/aggressive act possible on the internet.)

This is a real fear. I, like many, hate being judged. I stood in an election once (for President of the Student Union at my university). I lost by a dozen or so votes. I’ve never felt so rejected. I don’t know how politicians put themselves through it.

But this is but delaying tactics. I’ll never know what it’ll be like to have it panned or just ignored. Pull your finger out and get writing, Ballantine!

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