We’ve got an apple tree at the bottom of our garden. Because I have the gardening abilities of a small pickax, the base of the tree is surrounded by weeds, many of them big and spikey.

The lower boughs I can reach. The fruit there is invariably half eaten, by birds, by maggots. I’m convinced even the foxes have a go.

The upper branches are where the good stuff grows, completely inaccessible until they fall to the ground, over ripe.

If I could be arsed I’d sort out the sorry mess at the bottom of the tree. Then I could get a ladder out. But there’s too much else going on, and quite frankly I can buy apples at Sainsburys. Not the attitude, I know, but I live in London not Somerset.

Remember this the next time someone is talking to you about the project going after low-hanging fruit. It’s invariably inedible, and if you can’t be arsed then go to the supermarket. 

One thought on “Crap tech industry metaphors: 16 low hanging fruit

  1. Doesn’t that mean the metaphor works well when applied well? For example when transforming an organisation’s datacentre services – low hanging fruit might be the mail servers and other such stuff that’s a pain to manage and easier/maybe cheaper to buy as commodity from a SaaS provider (i.e. from an external marketplace)?

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