As I continue to explore themes and topics as part of the research for my book, I’m stumbling across interesting resources that can help individuals and organisations to up their capabilities to play – particularly play of the tinkering variety.

This page will be a reference point for them along the way…

Creative Toys

130 Story

At 1.30 PM everyday the 130 Story project publish a word to inspire people to write 130 character (that’s letters, not protagonists) stories to publish on Twitter. A great little exercise in super-concise creative writing.

The 90 Waypoint Walk

The creative potential from taking a good long walk is well known. The ability to generate randomness and serendipity is key to play. Marcus Brown combines the two with a wonderful idea for a walk that can be taken anywhere.

Artefact Cards

Such a simple idea – blank playing cards. But they add a flexibility into creative workshops that goes beyond the realm of mere PostIts. I mean, have you ever tried to shuffle a stack of PostIts?

Technology Toys

The Digital Chef

My occasional Leading Edge Forum colleague Lewis Richards’ alter ego, the Digital Chef presents recipes on how normal people can stitch together various pieces of technology to create things bigger than the sum of their parts.

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