This week I have learned:

  • it’s just really, really nice when one’s work is warmly appreciated. I have some appointments coming up in Merseyside to which I’m really looking forward.
  • writer’s block is falling upon me again…
  • … or possibly the curse of procrastination
  • why do “Communications Teams” spend most of their time stopping people from communicating?
  • the Euro referendum is making me increasingly cross. It’s bringing out the worst of the xenophobic traits in many of the English. (Note: English not British). It also provides for a convenient smokescreen for four months as the wholesale dismantling of the UK public sector continues unabated…
  • … and none of it would be happening if it weren’t for that piddly 20.1 mile bit of water off the Kent coast. That’s about the same distance as the length of Lough Neagh.

Next week: some legal matters.

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