This week I have learned:

– un-constructive name-calling is surprisingly hurtful. Criticize by all means…
– being the edge case of an automated process is surprisingly stressful. But at least they had the sense to talk to me about it…
– there is a pre-holiday tax to be paid
– and probably a post-holiday tax too
– is pretty impressive, even if it looks like interwebs c. 2007
– I’m in need of a good break.

Talking of which… for the next two weeks I’ll be (Channel Tunnel permitting) on a road trip around Europe. Keep up to date with that at the Summer Lookup project. Otherwise I’m going to endeavour to take a screen break. With the exception of a 3pm on Saturday 8th August when Watford begin their latest Premier League adventure, live on Fox Sports Italia (I knew that the club’s Italian connections would come in handy).

More of the inane ramblings in August. Arrivederci.

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