I had a fine old time last night on the 40th Floor the HSBC’s Canary Wharf headquarters at the latest installment of Matthew Partovi’s Culturevist community. Matthew is a man full of ideas and is also the chap behind the Work Unbound experiment I ran recently.

The Culturevist group are a mix of folk who work in big organisations and those who sell their services to big organisations. There is much talk about changing cultures.

In conversation after the main event, a few of us were talking about whether culture change is really the issue for most organisations, or if actually the problem is about ineffective change management that ignores or tramples on cultural values held within a business. From that the idea of #anticulturevist was born.

Matthew has given his backing for a counter-cultural, #anticulturevist event to take place at some point in the Spring, which Perry Timms and I have decided to organise. Partly this is about a few of us being deliberately provocative because we can, but there is a more serious message underpinning the venture – which in my head can probably be summed up as follows:

– If you really don’t like the culture of an organisation, work somewhere else (we were a bit more direct about that after a couple of glasses of wine last night)

– If the culture of an organisation is truly toxic, it will probably eventually do for itself. This is more problematic when the organisation is a monopoly or near-monopoly, or is an instrument of state.

– If you want to make change happen successfully in your organisation, understand the culture and then make the changes culturally sensitive, not anti-cultural.

There’s a stack of stuff that we might be able to talk about at the #anticulturevist event. It will be in February (or maybe March) and in London on an evening. To make it all happen Perry & I need a few things:

– A venue. For about 100 people. For free (if at all possible).

– A sponsor. To pay for drinks and nibbles (and venue if we can’t wrangle for free). For about 100 people. You’ll get to have your brand in front of some agents of change from across public and private sectors in the UK. They are an inspirational and influential bunch.

– Some people to speak. On themes of culturally-sensitive, successful change. Or to do some on-topic things that are more interactive than just prattling on.

– Some people to attend.

If any of that is of any interest, drop me a line!


One thought on “#anticulturevist

  1. All of interest –

    Can’t help on venue
    Feasible to help on sponsorship depends on venue etc (if it’s a case of bringing crates of beer then yes, if you want £500 up then probably not
    Definitely keen to attend
    Would be more than happy to partake but changing recruiters behaviours/culture may not be quite what you’re looking for – theme “telling the truth – recruitment 2.0” – it’s a SHORT presentation….

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