At the beginning of next month I’m going to be starting a significant piece of work for a new client. At the moment I don’t know how much I’ll be able to talk about it. That makes me somewhat unsettled.

Suffice to say the client is someone that you will have heard of, and the work will be surprising to some. More than that I can’t say.

What this is making me realise is that my blogging and tweeting and status updating isn’t just about me doing some “content marketing”. This is actually how I work these days.

I like openness. I like to share. Sometimes it’s, yes, about seeking validation from others. But that’s I hope not a needy thing, just a sensible approach of soliciting advice and guidance. But by being open I hope I’m making it easier for people to do business with me. I also hope I show that I can make sound judgements about what can be open, and what should not.

This is all very counter-intuitive to many. Knowledge-based work has traditionally been about giving away as little of it as possible. I start by laying most of the cards out on the table and implicitly saying “and then imagine if I were to apply this type of thinking in your situation”. Last week two new potential clients appeared on that very basis (of course there is a world between potential client and paying client, as my main shareholder keeps telling me)

But within all of this there is a need to protect client confidentiality. That’s their right. I just hope that my new client can allow me to be able to work in a way that allows me to be effective whilst protecting information that cannot be disclosed. Those are some of the early conversations to be had…

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