Today marks the 101st anniversary of my grandfather’s birth. It also marks the end of the first year of my foray into the world of entreprenuerism.

A year down, and it has to be said that it’s been hard. I was utterly over optimistic about how and where clients would come from, and although I am now bringing in revenue, it’s a long way from where I was predicting this time last year. But I’ve built on an already strong network, and have pivoted wildly as I work out what’s likely to work and what’s not.

If I were to be offered the “perfect” full-time job tomorrow, would I take it? Probably, yes. Whilst the start-up life is thrilling and ever-changing, the uncertainty that it brings places a huge load onto family life. Will I have to take a full-time job? We’ll see, but signs are looking more positive (but that might just be me suffering from sunk-cost fallacy).

Am I closer to my goal? Am I doing “stampable” projects? Well, not quite yet. But I’m definitely getting there.

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