I’ve had conversations with a couple of people recently about my experiences of using a Chromebook, and whether they should get one. The biggest barrier in both cases has been interesting.

It’s not been about its “better when connected” nature. Nor the inability to use Microsoft Office in full form. Or concerns about giving one’s life over to Google. The simple question has been:

How can I sync with iTunes?

That’s been surprising to me because it’s made me realise that, for a very long time now, my own personal digital life has been so Cloud-centric. I don’t sync devices to other devices- all of the devices I own and use connect themselves to the Internet, and so sync themselves.

It’s not just the Google services I use; the same applies to Spotify, DropBox, OneDrive, Evernote, Expensify, Insightly, iPlayer, BeyondPod, Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, Twitter, Kindle…

In fact the only times I’ve had to use a USB cable in recent years is to charge batteries, and the occasional unpleasant experience of Samsung Galaxy software updates.

Which makes me think a couple of things. First of all, that Apple’s retailing service is very old fashioned in many ways. And secondly that maybe the best differentiator for Windows in the battle for cheap laptops is to focus on how it will support iTunes (in desktop mode). Oh, the irony. Windows saved by Apple…

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