A new focus

Another year, another job title… It seems that the summer is the time for role changes at Microsoft, and my role is changing this year as we enter into the (hopefully) warmest months. There are times when I wish I were something like a plumber – a profession where the job title is readily understood by folk even if they don’t necessarily understand the (literally) nuts and bolts of what they do. I change today from being an Evangelist Lead to a Principal Evangelist.


In terms of what I’m actually going to be doing, well, I’ve been asked to move my focus onto gaining increased influence for Microsoft within the advertising and marketing sector so that our platforms and services are seen as an increasingly vital part of the tools and channels available to marketers in the UK.


So, having in the past found myself providing software to software developers, I’m now in the business of marketing to marketers. A sort of meta-role, I guess. Should be interesting.

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