Things I'm glad to see the back of: TCR electronics shops

Yesterday I eulogized about the majestic splendour of Bloomsbury. It's eastern border, sadly, is blighted by a series of overpriced consumer electronics stores that have no place in the 21st Century.

I've never quite understood the effect that happens in cities where retailers of a particular type of product congregate in a particular area. In London, amongst others, there is the slightly shady riches of the Hatton Garden diamond dealers, the high end fashion of Bond Street, the peculiar luggage emporia of the Holloway Road, and the over-priced tat of Tottenham Court Road.

It used to be that you could get a good deal on the road. In the days before the Internet.

These days, the prices are appalling, and the customer service even worse. If you are feeling particularly chipper about the world, and feel you need to be brought down a peg or two, a quick trip to one of TCR's stores will soon have you back on the ground and grumpy as ever.

The last time I tried to buy something there (a wifi dongle for my tv) I was greeted with extreme grumpiness and prices at best 40% higher than Amazon. Not worth not waiting for delivery by post.

Store Street, where the Imagination offices are based, kind of marks the northerly boundary of these purveyors of tut. Beyond you enter the realm of the furniture stores, and a few blocks away is the wonder that is Heal's with its beautiful wares. Further north still and you find one of the friendliest and most helpful camera stores in London, Kingsley Photographic.

The south of the road is in need of a change, though. The dramatic redevelopment of St Giles Circus in the next few years with the arrival of Crossrail at Tottenham Court Road will probably push rents up along the road so that the electronic stores will then all close up. Then, of course, in my fickle way I will probably miss them and their snotty service terribly…

2 thoughts on “Things I'm glad to see the back of: TCR electronics shops

  1. High street prices combined with the personal touch of online shopping. What a cracking combination. Dan

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