The Web is Dead?

Just read Chris Anderson's latest article in Wired, and have to say that I'm more than a little confused.
He starts by taking statistics about Web (www) traffic proportions that show that, as a proportion of total internet traffic, web browsing is dropping as video and filesharing increases. If this is evidence that Web traffic is falling, it's like arguing that a room populated with average weight and obese people 50/50 actually has more obese people because they weigh more (sure, more person, but not more people.
Anderson then goes on to argue that applications on the Web (Facebook et al) and apps on mobile devices are becoming more important than Web browsers. And I guess that, to an extent, he's right. But so what?
My day-to-day life is becoming more and more browser-centric. And I actually use relatively few apps and those that I do (like Spotify and the Google Reader app NewsRob) I use to make up for the fact that 3G data connectivity is patchy and expensive, so I need offline caching on my mobile. The increasing use of HTML 5 and emergence of the Chrome OS surely will see the further impact of the Web browser rather than the decline of the www?

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