I haven't really explained the somewhat pompous title of this blog, so I thought I should.

Over the past five years or so, I've increasingly seen the benefit of using metaphor as a way of being able to cut through what can otherwise seem to be insurmountable issues. It is often much easier to solve somebody else's problem (the metaphor), and then use those solutions to generate ideas to addressing the matter at hand.

My grandfather, who was a physicist, showed this very late in his career. Grandad started his career in the emerging field of microwaves in the early 1930s, and then during the Second World War went on to apply this into the development of defence systems. and then went on to work in telecommunications. He designed circuits that carried the first few decades of transatlantic television through the earth station at Goonhilly Downs, and in the early seventies went to work in Zambia, helping to set up their first telecommunications earth station at Mwembeshi.

Coming back to the UK in the mid-1970s, he took a contract working for Lyons, the food manufacturer. He was tasked with helping solve production problems with the packaging of orange juice. Fluid dynamics wasn't his field of expertise, but he applied his knowledge of the way in which electricity flowed through circuits to successfully address issues that the company had been unable to solve.

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