The loneliness of the long-distance free ranger

"Jump and a net will appear" were the words of wisdom that a colleague at Microsoft have me as I took the plunge into working free range done five and a half years ago. The first year felt like free fall. Should I give up, get a "proper job", knuckle down, put up with things? … Continue reading The loneliness of the long-distance free ranger

Freerange Gathering 1

Yesterday afternoon I happened to be meeting a chap, Jo, who helped to set up Mobile Monday, a┬ácommunity of people involved in the world of mobile technology (whatever the heck that means these days). Jo was recounting the work and effort involved in getting the group off the ground, and how much work there continued … Continue reading Freerange Gathering 1

The power of the network

So what's the point of all this social network stuff, eh? It's just sharing pictures of cats and avoiding doing proper work, isn't it? Well, for some that's undeniable. And for some of us, some of the time, it's probably true as well. But I thought I'd do a bit of an ROI analysis of … Continue reading The power of the network

Leap, and a net will appear*

So it's time for another chapter in my career to open. Two years and five months after starting, it's time to gracefully exit, stage left from Microsoft. It's been a fascinating time. Remarkably, when I joined in March 2011, only the first inklings of the company's future product set were public (or even private internal) … Continue reading Leap, and a net will appear*