This week I have learned:

  • a new freedom as I begin my adventures with e-biking to work. I live about 14 miles away from the office, and there are a couple of really quite big hills on the way. Normal biking would leave me a sweaty mess at arrival, whereas I can do the journey in about the same time as public transport having got some exercise, but not having felt like I’ve been to the gym.
  • the roads in London are a potholed mess. That’s 13 years for you…
  • from the opportunity to be interviewed by the wonderful Simon White. He’s doing a Masters in Systems Thinking, and we talked about my own consulting practices over the years. It was a really interesting and useful exercise for me.
  • I might have made a breakthrough in medication for eczema after a trip to the GP this week. It would be a relief after a good few years now of frequent episodes around my eyes, which is really a great pain (physically and mentally).
  • people not realising that a problem is “wicked” are often an intrinsic part of a wicked problem. We are under so much pressure to find simple and quick solutions that people can end up feeling stupid unless they can be brought to understanding that maybe things are neither simple nor quick.

Next week: Conference

The week in photos:

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