This week I have learned:

  • going out and talking about the PlayCards is hard work. Here’s a thing that I have made, into which I have ploughed a lot of thought and energy over the years. Putting it in front of people makes me feel incredibly vulnerable. The conversations are good, but I can’t help but feel I’m putting a lot on the line every time I do it.

    I guess it’s partly because I’ve got 8 years of prior knowledge about them, but it’s new to others. That’s so often an issue when it comes to change – the people delivering change are at a different place in knowledge and experience to those being involved.
  • I’m fascinated by the idea that the place in which we have conversations will add to the recall of a conversation if the place is novel.

    Go to a pub or a museum and have a chat with someone and you’ll recall far more than if you sit in front of the same screen with the same conferencing app as every other.

    If it is true, meeting in person needs more thought.
  • I’m going to explore again the discipline of single-tasking. Human’s can’t multi-task. We switch between things. And then we spend all of our time recovering from the switch. Time to find ways to minimise distractions.
  • multi-tasking is another example of how we are using metaphors of computing to describe how people work. People don’t work like computers, and the ultimate irony of course is that “computer” was originally a metaphor to describe a machine as a human.
  • I’m still struggling to get my head around where organisations are heading with in-person v remote. My hunch is that it’s not until CFOs start to ask questions about lease costs at renewal time that we’ll really understand the future.
  • I’ve been trying out the AI GPT Grammarly beta, and quite frankly I can still write better than a machine. There’s no nuance, and no tone of voice other than “GPT assertive”.
  • I’m looking forward to a couple of long weekends, but fear the second one is going to raise my republican hackles.

Next week: new approaches, new engagements

The week in photos:

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