Today’s coffee companion is a technologist who works in government.

We talked about

  • Why multitasking in humans is a myth, and how single tasking increases your productivity
  • The tendency for any generation to use the prevailing technology of the time as a metaphor for how humans work
  • How still most computers don’t actually multi-task, they rapidly switch between tasks
  • How humans are also rubbish at rapidly switching tasks
  • The delights of “machinery of government” changes
  • How the “GDS way” has become a gospel
  • The challenges of collaborations in large organisations, and the four systemic barriers identified by Morten Hansen in his book Collaboration (not invented here, hoarding, search and transfer)
  • How truly multi-discipline teams would be too big to function
  • How “Digital” has become preeminent in the trio of Digital, Data and Technology
  • How often technology departments don’t understand their service offer, let alone the value it might deliver
  • How meeting people in different places gives different visual memories to aid memory of the actual conversation. Teams calls all look identical. Meet people in different places (either face to face, or move around between online meetings)

Another fascinating chat. Why not join me for a coffee?

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