Today’s coffee companion is a fellow Cardstock-er.

We talked about:

  • how we both have a tendency to think “must be a psychopath” when meeting with people who are really successful in big corporations. This isn’t particularly fair, but does have some statistical validity.
  • introversion and being on stage.
  • the uniforms that people wear to work, and how many would be terribly affronted if you told them they were wearing a uniform.
  • the origins of the #100Coffees project.
  • whether the idea can be stolen (YES!)
  • whether people use it as an opportunity to solicit advice for free (not so far).
  • how there’s not been a single one of these coffees where I have thought “This would be better in person”
  • the lack of creativity in the creative sector.
  • how people might ask for new things, but they probably don’t really mean it.
  • who we would put in charge of Twitter instead of Elon – for her, David Byrne, for me I’d have it as a rolling role like the 4th Plinth.

I’m still looking for intrepid conversationalists who are up for coffee (or tea). Sign up here.

Here are some statistical observations visualised for your delight:

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