This week I have learned:

  • that every so often I will get a hold of some piece of technology and it will totally live up to my expectations. The Emeo Saxophone is one of those pieces of technology. Hardware and software combined, and a perfect example of how devices like the Arduino can allow small producers to create wonderful, niche products to serve new markets. I now really need to do some practice…
Very early tootlings
  • the #100Coffees experiment so far has been wonderful. Just making the effort to get in touch with people and get some time with them has been great. The experiment is the excuse to both get me organising it and also for others to say “yes”.
  • the dance that takes place before a new client is engaged is fascinating, sometimes frustrating, and always unique. It’s like some sort of inter-organisational mating ritual and I’d love to know if it’s ever been properly studied by anthropologists.

Next week: global gatherings

The week in photos:

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