This week I have learned:

  • the joy of editing audio with Descript. The usual WB-40 editing process is pretty perfunctory – a minimum viable edit so that I can get the show out on the internet on the same day we record for fear that otherwise it will sit in my to-do list forever. However this week we did a review of the year for which I spent a fair bit more time doing the edit. Selecting text from one place, CTRL-C and then paste it into the main show. It’s all very clever and very streamlined.
  • having spent some months talking and exploring issues around relationship building in a hybrid world, I realised that a) it’s a wicked problem and therefore b) I need to crack on with some experiments rather than trying to debate our way to a non-existent right answer.
  • experiment one is #100Coffees. I’m thoroughly looking forward to meeting up with a mix of people I know and people I don’t yet know in the year ahead.
  • experiment two is a series of brown-bag sessions that I’ll be running to talk with people I know who run interesting businesses that are adjacent to what we do at EE. More on that to come… think of it as Live Podcasting with a Purpose.
  • trying to second guess what an organisation means when it puts work out to tender is surely ripe for AI analysis?
  • completing technology tendering responses doubly so.
  • the secret to good pizza? The quality of the ingredients and time.
  • I’m looking forward to a bit of a break, and a bit of a road trip around England. Another week to go yet, though.

The week ahead: finding out what happens when things are organised spontaneously.

The week in photos:

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