This week I have learned:

  • how closing things down can take some time and effort. It’s easy to forget this.
  • that my children’s school think setting annual smart objectives is a sensible idea. It’s ludicrous that the flawed concept of performance management has leaked into education. A conversation with a teacher about my eldest’s high performance turned into a discussion about his less good bits.
  • thank the heavens I don’t do performance reviews any more.
  • the VR explorations continue, with a few forays into how playing cards might work in VR with existing tools.
A quick look at how The PlayCards could be used in the VR environment Noda
  • once again about how important it is just to see what happens once in a while.
  • how nice it is to make contacts with people on social networks and then make time to have conversations with them on a call (thank you Stephanie!)
  • and how nice it was for a bunch of the WB-40 crew to get together in person (thank you Alex for organising).
  • how old I felt visiting Brick Lane.

Next week: the birthdays

The week in photos:

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