This week I have learned:

  • that we now have a teenager in the house. How quickly time flies… I remember when he would spend the evenings puking up all over the place, and I am expecting that that might become a thing again in the next few years…
  • that I’m really fortunate to know so many amazing people, and catching up with them every so often is a privilege. Yes you, Gary Dunne.
  • the anticipation is building for the dinner organised by the WB-40 Signal group, and the puns about lettuce are getting unbearable.
  • I’m thoroughly enjoying working in a flat management business. But our clients have hierarchy, and sometimes getting people of similar “level” to speak to one another is important for them. It makes for interesting challenges for us.

Next week: the World Cup of the Most 1990s Number One Single of the 1990s begins.

The week in photos:

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