This week I have learned:

  • I’ve been obsessing about metaphors about teams like flight crews, film crews and international football teams. I’ve then also extended the metaphor to talk about roles mismatching, tribalism and the psychology of the narcissism of small differences, topped with the mention of a small tea shop in the Cotswolds. Ultimately I’m concluding that reading lots of Douglas Adams as a youngster has had a long-term impact.
  • We got everyone from the London office (more or less) together for co-working, workshopping and the drinking of beer last night. It was all very enjoyable, and I got to chat with lots of my new colleagues about shit. Finding alternative ways to talk with colleagues about shit is one of the biggest hybrid working challenges.
  • Talking with lots of people all day is quite tiring, though, isn’t it?
  • I have passed my probation period at work. I hadn’t really thought about it very much, but it was really nice to get some really positive feedback about how I have settled in. Apparently, they want me to stick around.
  • I used a DALL-E generated image on the Coffee Rorschach Twitter feed this morning. Nobody noticed. I conclude that AI-generated imagery will seamlessly fill in the mundane gaps.
  • I also kicked off my first new engagement this week, bringing a team together with help from our staffing team, and then helping them to get up and running. It’s another milestone.

Next week: into operational mode

The week in photos:

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